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Created 2017-06-02
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Title Water Treatment Chemicals
Description The intent of this RFP is to evaluate and approve potential suppliers to become vendor of record suppliers authorized to provide water treatment, swimming pool, and wastewater treatment chemicals and any other related products to Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) members at SUMA member’s discretion based on their need. This may also include delivery service.

This non-exclusive arrangement is a proposed three (3) year term in length with the option to renew for one (1) two (2) year term. There is no guaranteed spend in any year of the contract. Further details can be found in the Scope of Supply/Services section. <a href=>list of water treatment chemicals</a> Questions regarding this RFP can be submitted to the Municipal Procurement Agent.

SUMA's membership consists of cities, towns, villages, resort villages, northern villages, or northern towns in the Province of Saskatchewan. Membership in SUMA is on a voluntary basis. There are 479 urban municipalities in Saskatchewan with 450 of them purchasing a membership in SUMA annually. Additionally, SUMA has a partnership with New North SANC Services Inc. (New North) who represents all northern communities (20 members). The New North purchases a membership in SUMA on behalf of its northern hamlets and settlements to provide access to the programs and services offered through SUMA to these municipalities.

All amendments to the associated notice, including amended documents, plans and specifications (where applicable), are issued on Sasktenders. MERX asks that you refer to the Sasktenders notice for these amendments. MERX stipulates that potential bidders may also be required to register with the buying authority as a bidder/plan taker. The contact information can be found within the notice abstract.