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Created 2017-06-02
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Description Sunset evening will be infected with a layer of gorgeous sky red, forest and gardenia stop the footsteps, eyes tired of the Fengyuan district looked strange and familiar with everything. Cool breeze from the lawn on the past, the sunset her figure reflected in the open space, a little bit long. The trees on the sidewalk were undoubtedly repaired for a long time, and the branches were motivated and looked up and looked like the sunny sun. Lin and garden standing in the wind Court district three fourth floor on the left side of the door, right hand Yang in the air, but the delay did not knock down. The house here is built for a long time, the walls have been slightly yellowed. Some parts of the wall from the fold, gently touch the film will be peeling off. Mottled walls like the vicissitudes of the elderly, no statement that those things are in the past. Lin and Zhi Zhi found his raised his right hand slightly trembling, stretched out his left hand rationale for the skirt, and finally sounded the door. However, she waited for a long time, nor the slightest movement, Lin and Zhi looked at the mottled door, sighed with a sigh of relief, but still stubbornly standing in the door refused to go. Until the night, ink blue sky jumped out of stars, she finally rubbed his sore legs, gave up the general turned away. Lin and gardenia carrying a package to leave when a pavilion, it is the district where the people often shade. She paused, suddenly walked into the pavilion, stood to the southeast corner, looked up, no accident to see that a group of bright stars arranged in a strange way, seemingly messy, but if carefully looked, Stars side by side the stars, just like two good sisters as dependent on each other intimate. Lin and gardenia looking at the sky flashing Gemini, eyes suddenly wet. She suddenly remembered that year the Smart warm girl in front of her like the discovery of the New World as excitedly pulled her, pointing to the two stars, told her, Lin and Lu Qingan will be a lifetime of good sisters. Remember their eyes devoutly read this sentence and then pull the look; remember two people happy to jump here, directed at the night sky shouting look. It is so warm and beautiful time. And now in the tide of time flushing, those in the past, more and more heavy and pain. This is the lingering memory of her eternal life, how to change the future can not be worn from the heart. She took a deep breath, the ear faint and sounded that familiar dialogue. In 2003, the SARS swept the whole of China, she often complained, Qingan, if the SARS virus spread to the South how to do? What if one day I die? What if I can not see my parents do not see my grandparents? If I can not see Zhou Jinnian, how do? Qing, if, life only a quarter of an hour, you will choose how to do? I, if my life is coming to an end, then I would rather take this time to the forest and gardenia this fool. She still remember Lu Qingan cunning and ridicule of the eyes, is the face of disdain and despise. But then listen to her, because she had so many people need to say goodbye, and I, but only one of her, fills. "Yeah, Lu Qingan, but only a forest and labor only." Lin and gardenard gently say this sentence, and then raised his hand quickly wiped his eyes tears. "But Qing'an, you never let me tell you the opportunity to bid farewell to me."