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Created 2017-06-06
Owner posuiji
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Title Grinding mill has deep influence on further mineral processing
Description Limestone powder making and processing industry gradually become popular in recent years, thereupon a large number of manufacturers of grinding mill spring up. After being crushed repeatedly by rock crusher and milled by <a href="">scm ultrafine mill</a>, the ores can be applied to various fields. According to the characteristics of the ores own, they can be used for a variety of industries, among which limestone is the most widespread. Limestone is a kind of sedimentary rock, mainly composed of calcite. It distributes throughout the whole country, easy to exploit and process, low cost, and convenient for comprehensive utilization.
The chemical industry make use of limestones chemical properties to make important calcium salts like calcium chloride, calcium nitrate and calcium sulfite. In Xinjiang province, there is a rich reserve of limestone. Given the enormous economic value of limestone mining, the limestone powder processing industry has obtained vigorously development for the past few years, and has achieved good economic benefits
In the limestone production process, choosing different types of grinding mills with different discharge fineness can produce all kinds of limestone powder intended for various uses. At present, our company is specialized in manufacturing a series of grinding mills, including ball mill, rod mill, Raymond mill, micro powder mill, ultrafine grinder, etc., mainly for the further processing of all kinds of ores, with a adjustable discharging granularity range from dozens of mesh to three thousand mesh.