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Created 2017-07-11
Owner yoyocrusher
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Title Cone ball mill
Description <p>Cone ball mill with horizontal cylindrical rotating device and external gear drive. The company's production of cone ball mill with self-aligning double row of self-aligning roller bearings, running resistance is small, energy-saving effect is obvious. The cylindrical part of the original cylinder based on the end of the addition of a tapered barrel, you can increase the effective volume of the ball mill, the media adjustment is more reasonable.</p>

<h2>Ball mill works:</h2>

<p>The material enters the first chamber of the <a href="">Ore Milling Equipment</a> evenly through the feed unit. The chamber has a trapezoidal liner and a corrugated lining with different sizes of steel balls. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the cylinder throws the steel ball at a certain height and then descends to the impact and grinding of the material. After coarsening in the first chamber, the material enters the second chamber through the partition. The room has a flat lining and a steel ball, which will further grind the material. Finally, the power supply will be discharged through the discharge grille. Cone ball mill is widely used in non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, non-metallic mineral concentrator and chemical and building materials industry grinding.</p>