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add to favorites Medical Coding Jobs in Chennai
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Nestem Technologies is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and Govt Registered Leading Healthcare BPO Service provider. Medical Coding Job offered For US Healthcare BPO.

Medical Coding is the process of converting Verbal Descriptions into numeric or alpha numeric by using ICD 10-CM, CPT and HCPCS.

As per HIPAA rules healthcare providers need efficient Medical Coders.

UG / PG in Life Science, Medical, Paramedical, Dental, Pharmacy, physiotherapy, Nursing, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Biology, Bio-Medical, Botony, Zoology, Bioinformatics, Genetics, BAMS, BHMS, BSMS, BNYS, BUMS, BEMS, Nutrition & Dietetics, Neuro Science, Food Microbiology, Industrial, Medical, Applied Microbiology, Genomics, Plant Biology, Advance Zoology

1. Medical Coding For Beginners (MCB)
2. Advance certification in Medical Coding (ACMC)


ISO 9001:2015 Certified and Govt Registered Institution
Presentation and Video Classes by well Experienced Certified Trainers
Complete Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Training
Complete Medical Coding (ICD-10 CM, CPT-4 & HCPCS) Training
Complete Coverage of Industrial Requirement
Flexible Class Timings, Placements with Certification
High End Study Materials
Software's for Practice, Free Communication, Technical & Attitude Classes

Nestem Technologies provides 90 Hours of Training in Certification in Medical Coding for Beginners(Charges Applicable). The following modules will be covered in the Certification in Medical Coding for Beginners.

Complete Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology
ICD 10 CM (International Classification of Disease)
CPT 4 (Current Procedural Terminology)
HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System
Sample Chart Coding

Nestem Technologies provides 120 Hours of Training in Advanced Certification in Medical Coding (Charges Applicable). The following Additional Modules will be covered in Advanced Certification in Medical Coding

CPC and CPC-H Sample Question Pattern
CPC and CPC-H Sample Question Papers with lot of coding practice scenarios


Training completely focused on CPC-(AAPC) certified
ACMC is suitable for people planning to work in Abroad
ACMC is preferred for those planning to take CPC

After successful completion of the Training job offer will be provided in Leading MNC's. Placements will be in Chennai, Vellore, Trichy, Coimbatore, Salem, Pune, Bangalore & Hyderabad.

10700/- to 14700/- PM initially with assured career growth (Excluding Special Allowances & Other Benefits).

*We provide direct placement for those having well knowledge in Human Anatomy & Physiology at FREE OF COST. This assistance will be given at our specific MNC Client in Chennai. For further Information Call us on 860 8291 818 / 979 1196 983 / 044-2481 4757.
add to favorites Grinding mill has deep influence on further mineral processing
Limestone powder making and processing industry gradually become popular in recent years, thereupon a large number of manufacturers of grinding mill spring up. After being crushed repeatedly by rock crusher and milled by <a href="">scm ultrafine mill</a>, the ores can be applied to various fields. According to the characteristics of the ores own, they can be used for a variety of industries, among which limestone is the most widespread. Limestone is a kind of sedimentary rock, mainly composed of calcite. It distributes throughout the whole country, easy to exploit and process, low cost, and convenient for comprehensive utilization.
The chemical industry make use of limestones chemical properties to make important calcium salts like calcium chloride, calcium nitrate and calcium sulfite. In Xinjiang province, there is a rich reserve of limestone. Given the enormous economic value of limestone mining, the limestone powder processing industry has obtained vigorously development for the past few years, and has achieved good economic benefits
In the limestone production process, choosing different types of grinding mills with different discharge fineness can produce all kinds of limestone powder intended for various uses. At present, our company is specialized in manufacturing a series of grinding mills, including ball mill, rod mill, Raymond mill, micro powder mill, ultrafine grinder, etc., mainly for the further processing of all kinds of ores, with a adjustable discharging granularity range from dozens of mesh to three thousand mesh.
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What Will Relics Contain?

The relics can contain all manner of Treasure Hunter goodies, including a chance for certain long-lost artefacts, such as Monkey mace and hats, Shark fists, Alchemist’s amulet, D&D Tokens (daily, weekly, monthly), TzHaar whip, Coin of Balance and Samid Gloves,Pay attention: Not only can you win relics as you open chests, but you can also find them around Gielinor up to two per day. But this is only available on members’ worlds, and not to Ironman accounts.

Party Member

Unlike other skills that are trained alone, players can cooperate to train in groups of up to five players, receiving much experience per dungeon, although solo is possible and widespread. Most players would like to grind the deeper floors with a group rather than a solo. While completing these dungeons, players may earn experience in other skills by accomplishing various skill-related tasks. The items and skill materials involved are all different to their counterparts on the surface.

There are a number of methods you can use to form or join a party. You must be in or near the castle's courtyard to join up with other players.

Solo: Raid a dungeon by yourself, simply don't invite any other players.

Pick-up group: Go through the "free-for-all" barrier or into one of the themed dungeon rooms to automatically be placed in a party or a solo dungeon. When entering one of the themed rooms, you will be presented with an interface where you must choose the floor you wish to raid, and you will only be placed in a party with players who have chosen the same floor as you. You can also see the number of players queuing for a certain floor in the room.

How to start?

You must place your items and combat gears in your bank before heading into the dungeons. There are only some items can put in the bank: the ring of kinship, orb of oculus and a number of experience boosting pendants, such as Pendants of Skill and Prized pendants of Skill. You can find a Fremennik banker just outside the courtyard, speaking with him, who can sail you to a peninsula on the east side of the wilderness.

A castle courtyard is located in the middle of the peninsula. In the courtyard, there are several entrances to different realms of the dungeon. Outside the courtyard, the Dungeoneering tutor can describe the highlight of the skill and give you the ring of kinship.
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