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<p>Bioware has commented on <strong><a href="">buy swtor credits</a></strong> the Rank 4 Command Crates RNG, saying that the rates of 248 drops havn’t been nerfed.</p>
<p>I wanted to address some of the questions / concerns here in the thread. First, we have made no adjustments to the drop rate of items from Command Crates since we introduced Tier 4 and rebalanced the drops from Tier 1-3. If you see that there seems to be a change in what you are experiencing at some point, throw that in bug reports and we can look into it.</p>
<p>Second, it is definitely our intent that 248 Legendary items are pretty uncommon from Command Crates but keep in mind that you can consistently get them from other sources. You can upgrade into one from using Unassembled Components or get them as drops from Master Mode final bosses and Veteran Gods From the Machine. This happened as part of our shift to make Galactic Command more supplementary to your gearing.</p>
<p>However, as with all things, please keep feedback coming! We are always open to making further changes where and if they are needed.</p>
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A clear information for the long-waited:The Old School RuneScape mobile client is coming, featuring full cross-platform support, and a mobile-optimised interface. Your game, anywhere.the release of Old School RuneScape Mobile in this winter 2017. If you do have much interest in this, you can register to earn the chance of joining in the beta.At the same time, you can buy OSRS gold by mobile from rsorder in anytime.

Welcome to join Rsorder Hot summer Promo now:You can use 7% discount code New7 to buy osrs gold /rs3 gold and all other Products during July19-July26.

it is going into the closed beta later in 2017, if you are interested in experience OSRS on mobile in advance, you can register to earn the chance. Jagex will choose players according to the account history and device compatibility. At the same time, when the beta begins, all Jagex staff and selected social influencers will be seen in the beta.

Super hyped for the release! One of the best things to happen to RuneScape, just imagine how many more people will be playing!Best news ever Great, can't wait!
Runescape is one of the most popular MMORPG Games. Even Runescape 3 has been going for quite a few years now and judging by how much you take advantage of our low price Runescape gold, we can say there is still a huge fan base for the game. Most of us in the office are part of this fan base and we have thought about some of the changes we want to see in the game.

we feel that Jagex can go all with the bosses and have some bosses look bigger, more impressive and more threatening!

Looks like we love Jagex and think that the way they are too involved with the community is great. But it can be frustrating to notice something earlier (The Magister uses a recent example) just so it's delayed because it's not ready yet. It's better to delay something than release it when it's not ready, but sometimes we feel better if they announce something and then beat us up with style "and will be the week. next".

We like action bars, but think they can do with a little tweaking. Be it graying or blurring things you can not use. For example: if you do not have the right rune for a particular spell, go gray it out so you know before you try to use it. If you do not have a bullet for a particular weapon, gray it out so you know not to bother. It's just a small thing, but it can be a time saver and make things less annoying.

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<p>Have you missed Angel of <a href=""><strong>runescape 3 gold for sale </strong></a> Deat had update in the eraly of july?If so ,please don't worry.Beause Nex: Abgel of Death is coming on July 22.2017. </p>
<p> <strong>Four requirements of Nex: Angel of Death</strong> </p>
<p> Here is four requirements of Nex: Angel of Death, such as a frozen key, level 85+ combat skills, ancient ceremonial robes and Shard of Zaros. Frozen key is to enter into Frozen door. Shard of Zaros is to prevent aggression from the faction members. Ancient ceremonial robes is set to bypass 40kc requirement. </p>
<p> <strong>Where can you find Nex: Angel of Death?</strong> </p>
<p> Nex: Angel of Death is a powerful general of Zaros fought in a new encounter distinct from regular Nex. She is located in the Ancient Prison beyond the hidden door in the south wall of the bank/lobby area. </p>
<p> <strong>How to fight with Nex: Angel of Death?</strong> </p>
<p> Click on the Hidden Door and join the instance of the designated host. In the center of the arena there is a Mysterious Energy that begins the kill. Don't touch the Mysterious Energy. Only the host will begin the kill. You should distribute yourself among the four quadrants of the arena. </p>
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<p>In the past 24 hours, players are suffering from Swtor East Coast server down. Keith Kanng and Eric Musco worked hard, and now all the East Coast servers go back. Now everyone can get access into the game and continue to decorate your Manaan stronghold with cheap swtor credits.?</p>
<p><strong>It’s available to queue on Swtor East Coast Servers</strong></p>
<p>It was almost 24 hours that Swtor East Coast servers cannot be queued in. Once this issue was reported, Bioware took an action on it. During this period all logins were halted, even Jedi Covenant was taken offline.?<br />
After doing some checks, the official team was having a closed beta to test the stability. Finally, all Swtor East Coast Servers work normally as intended.?</p>
<p><strong>Cheap swtor credits in full stock for every customer</strong></p>
<p>Honestly, the whole process is full of twists and turns for both the official team and players. To make up the loss, we have prepared enough cheap swtor credits for all players. After all swtor 5.3 as well as swtor Manaan Stronghold just starts. The servers down would make you fall behind. To catch up with other players, you can purchase <a href="" target="_blank" title="cheap swtor credits">cheap swtor credits</a> directly on our site, and we promise to deliver credits in 30 minutes.</p>
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<p>Swtor Update 5.3, Sisters of <a href="">swtor credits</a> Carnage, has arrived with Manaan Stronghold. To enjoy the new content and have fun this summer, we will have a cool deal with all customers. From July 19 to 27, everyone can save up to $10 cash coupons when buying cheap swtor credits. It is much like 12.5% discount at most!?</p>
<p><strong>When will Swtor2credits 2017 Summer Cool Deal be valid??</strong></p>
<p>2017 Summer Cool Deal will last from July 19 to July 27, 2017.?</p>
<p><strong>What benefits can I get from 2017 Summer Cool Deal?</strong>?</p>
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<p>Runescape has became the <strong><a href="">buy rs 3 gold</a></strong> most popular game currency categary on rs3Gold Site which is specialize Runescape Gold, Osrs Gold, Powerleveling, Runescape Accounts Store. We have proudly been the best place to buy Runescape 3 Gold online for quite some time now, earliest time since 2008. So we always like to keep an eye on any developments that might be happening in the world of Runescape.</p>
<p>Well, we feel that when it comes to communicating with the fans, the Runescape dev team is one of the very best. There recently was a new Runescape Dev Diary uploaded to the official Runescape site and the main purpose of this was to talk about the future of invention.</p>
<p>It is a very interesting video and they make some interesting points ranging from benefits for reaching higher levels, quality of life improvements, machines, which will work for you and many more new and interesting potential changes to the game. It is a very interesting video to watch and they do a great job in giving us the reasons as to why these changes will be made or at the very least why they are being considered.</p>
<p>One really cool thing is that they have done a call to the Runescape community. The devs of Runescape always like input from the players. Now they want us to give them ideas for invention content that they can add to the game. So be sure to send them along with any good ideas you may have as it could very well end up in the game if they feel it is beneficial and possible.</p>
<p>Runescape Gold is cheaper than ever, but as well as stocking up on it. Make sure you do check out the new dev diary and let us know what you think of their ideas for the next update in the comments section.</p>
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<p>It is said that SWTOR has terrible <strong><a href="">buy credits swtor</a></strong> performances on Windows 10, is it true? What kinds of opinions you hold on this topic? Have you decided to upgrade your driver for this game? If you still feel interest in it, just come to this reliable place for cheapest swtor credits, where you can enjoy others thoughts and draw you rconclusion based on the following parts.</p>
<p>To be honest, lords of players have upgraded their Win7 &amp; Win8 to Win10. They feel very satisfied with this new change. And the concrete priorities can be listed as follows: first, they said that they've run on Windows 10 with no problems on performance, Nvidia drivers with Microsoft changes in Dx9 still causes crashes or freezes on some planets, but it is not need to check with latest drivers that were just published; second, in general, Windows 10 has faster boots and better performance than previous versions of Windows. So, people would be recommending taking the free upgrade while they can; third, W10 is faster than 7 or 8 on computer. Although windows always installed drivers automatically for many devices, the difference is that windows 10 uses windows update to always keep your drivers updated automatically. Therefore, windows 10 can be able to run the newest possible driver for your graphics adapter, which can easily not be the case with the older windows.</p>
<p>To some extent, you may encounter some problems in playing this game using Win10, but, it can be solved eventually. If you've switched over a desktop and laptop to Windows 10, you will find that the desktop does have an issue where the swtor window became a thin line the first time it loaded, but after a quick google search and editing an ini file, no problems since. In addition, there is an issue with Windows 10 with certain video cards that causes blue-screen of death to occur. The issue is something related with DirectX that Microsoft needs to fix by setting grass detail to 0, and it will never crashes and performs well with all settings at Maximum on Windows 10.</p>
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Multiplayer online games on line are available in a variety of formats. FIFA video games, the gamers will need to function collectively to unravel a puzzle game recommendations with.

Tip: You need to learn how to play the game to deliver the FIFA 18 Loose change Ios right logistical assistance. In the increasingly competitive game industry, there are many well-known game announcer. Depending on your budget and the dimensions of your event, it may be worth hiring the top announcer - it may make your tournament fully fit its needs. Tip: game developers often formally recognized these individuals, their participation may increase the developer to assist you to promote the possibility involving activities.

This method is particularly useful in case you do not have very good trading skills in FIFA 20. However, because the offer will never last long, the players still need to make a quick decision. Offer will expire in a while, but if the participant knows what they are trying to find, it should not pose a large problem. In fact, the quick way to obtain FIFA 18 coins is always to buy something from a trusted website.

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Natural sand quality in years of mining has been less and less, and the mechanism of sand Beijing <a href="">ultrafine mill</a> with its good controllability, from material source, processing method, the particle size of finished products and other aspects is obviously superior to the natural sand gravel.Building with sand but also strict standard, mechanism of sand quality can be configured for high performance concrete, increase housing, roads, railways and other infrastructure projects and key construction projects life. Mechanism of sand gravel if buildings do not meet the standards, key projects, so the construction of houses, highways, high-speed railway will cause all kinds of quality problems in engineering. So many Beijing city industry in the sand equipment manufacturers as a mechanism of sand indirect production enterprises, have the responsibility to ensure to provide qualified construction mechanism of sand for the market, for the preparation of high performance concrete, avoid all kinds of Engineering problems.

How to produce high quality sand mechanism, in order to improve the performance of concrete? We know, crushing system in ultrafine mill line, simple traditional jaw crusher and cone crusher or fine jaw crusher has been unable to meet the aggregate senior engineering project requirements, such as basalt in needle flake and the internal crack of high content of gravel, ultrafine mill mechanism of quality is not good. So, in order to produce machine-made sand quality better have to use impact crusher as a two stage crushing or ultrafine mill as the final level of broken plastic.

Then in the project a series of the Beijing mechanism of ultrafine mill line price also have to consider the question of the construction team. Shanghai Zenith Ltd. has produced some engineering design near Beijing, customize the ultrafine mill line production line not only, and the mechanism of ultrafine mill efficiency is high, and the mechanism of sand fine powder production out of the low rate, reasonable distribution, high quality, can guarantee the supply of qualified machine-made sand. Over the years, Zenith's ultrafine mill line also with reasonable price and cost control advantages, provides a better choice for high performance building materials industry.

ultrafine mill:
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SSAW Steel pipe
Steel Grade:
API SPEC 5L: B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65
API SPEC 5CT: J55, K55, N80, L80-1
ASTM A53: A, B, C
Outer Diamter: 219.1mm - 3048mm (8" - 120")
Wall Thickness: 6 mm - 40mm
Length: 6m-100m
End:plain ends beveled ends flange ends
Surface: Bare, Black,Lightly oiled, Hot dip galvanized,, Varnish coating/Anti rust oil, Protective Coatings, 3PE
Packing:Nude, Plastic/steel plugs in both ends, Two tags on each bundle, Wrapped in waterproof paper, PVC sleeve, and sackcloth with several steel strips, Plastic caps
add to favorites With the introduction of construction waste crusher
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Construction waste crusher is the massive raw materials of different state after precision grinding machining technology into different fineness of fine powder product, according to the fineness of grinding material, <a href="">construction waste crusher</a> and equipment are generally divided into Raymond mill, high pressure suspension roller mill, high pressure grinding, straight centrifugal mill, overpressure ladder mill, three ring speed mill this several categories, widely used in chemical metallurgy, building materials and other industrial production field in different.

According to the construction waste crusher equipment Co., Ltd is introduced, construction waste crusher and equipment mainly by Raymond mill and high speed milling machine based, powder machinery is generally composed of milling, analysis, dust three system, at present the construction waste crusher and equipment are the material a processing into powder, fine degree of stability and through the probability of screening more than 99%, and adopts the mechanical structure of three-dimensional, covers an area of relatively small, from raw material to finished product powder can become independent of a production system, strong controllability and is convenient for production workers to operate.In construction waste crusher, equipment energized after the traditional system drives the rotation center axis, the central axis continuous rotary drives a grinding stick around a grinding ring to rotate, and drives the grinding chamber host milling milling machine.

The production line workers only need will need to grind materials into powder machinery entrance department to start the machine, raw material crushing with crushing machine, when the raw materials in the crusher to a certain extent, through the hoisting machine conveying construction waste crusher to vibration feeding machine grinding room host feeding when grinding, grinding material through powder machinery host grinding chamber, the fan airflow drive enters the separator classification collection, raw mill is complete.

In the choice of milling machine, in addition to considering the construction waste crusher outside, also need to consider whether it is suitable for the grinding of coal pulverizing system itself needed for the production line of raw materials, because the construction waste crusher different in process and process according to different raw materials and hardness will be slightly different. Of course, in the measure of the choice of construction waste crusher, but also the need for machine power consumption and energy consumption, equipment and spare parts consumption and maintenance costs of the three important indicators for consideration and calculation, and the purchase of the machine after the installation and operation, handling personnel appointment and other practical problems in production.
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The prince taught the particular king a lesson yesterday as Paulo Dybala won the primary leg in his duel towards Lionel Messi. The 23-year-old scored twice as Juventus ran out 3-0 winners against Barcelona into their Champions League quarter-final link.

Messi got one in excess of Dybala, performing a nice trick for getting past his compatriot within the first half, but that was it for that Barca maestro. It was Dybala’s nighttime. Prior to the contest, the Juventus star seemed to be keen to play down comparisons to Messi.

"Messi is Messi, the one who plays for Barca, " he told TV3, via Goal. "I'm Paulo, I'm happy but we know that it won't end here and that you won't be easy at Get away Nou. ”

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Stretch your physique out every fifteen or so commemoration while you're amphitheatre a video game. Repetitive movements complex in gaming can be demanding for your body. You allegation to amplitude your anatomy to anticipate airtight and aswell to commemoration your circulation.

Accomplishing this will beforehand your health. Never abatement you can brighten your awning up manually. Abecedarian played in aphotic environments may be blood-tingling and dramatic, but your achievement may suffer. Colors all become one and alloy in, which can accomplish it harder to locate your enemies, which lets them arise up on you. Acceptance the accuracy if you do not apperception sacrificing a little ambiance. You will be able to bigger atom enemies and alone items.

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As we all know, there are abounding abilities in football match. And casual is a absolute important football technology. It is a hotlink to the sports chain. Casual technology determines the superior of the affray to pass.

In the absolute game, there are abounding factors to adjudge the superior of passing, such as the administration of the affray and basal controlling, followed by a adequate time, column moves and so on. A allocation of them, the bigger change is the a lot of difficult to butt the point. If you appetence to canyon a beeline ball, you can use the accomplished to advance or advance the instep of the foot. The area of basal associate with the affray accept to be aimed at the abecedarian who are accessible to catch. If in the beeline pass, pay assimilation to advance a assertive speed. If the position of the affray is far abroad from you, to haversack a connected pass, which is acceptable for top circling ball, afresh you allegation to use the arch.

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News from the "London Evening Standard", Gelieziman interested in the Premier League stumbled on battles in the summertime of next year, while Chelsea intentionally obtain fifa coins triggered Atletico looking at God contract worth eighty-five million pounds (regarding 100 million euros) liquidated damage clause, but premise Conti acquired the name if your world's top killer is triggered achieve Champions League qualifying measures.

Since joining Real Sociedad Atletico, Gelieziman into a total of 61 goals, including last season 32 goals in every competitions, helping Atletico into the Champions League final. In the buy fifa money summer, the European Cup, Gelieziman shine, a total of 6-8 goals, won the European Cup Golden Boot. With nearly two periods of play, Gelieziman among the ranks with the European Super killer, he also buy fifa loose change became the meat and potatoes from the transfer market.

In fact, two years ago, Chelsea are interested within signing Gelieziman, but when they selected Diego - Costa. Today Gelieziman revived interest in the Blues, while the Premier Category, the same buy fifa coins eyeing additionally, it includes Arsenal (info), Manchester United and Manchester City.

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Today let's look with TOTW 18 predictions. Who do you think will be featured? This week Marko Arnautovi? is recommended to make investments. The TOTW 18 are going to be revealed this Wednesday.

FIFA 17 TOTW 16 Predictions
Starting XI:
GK: Moyá (Atlético) : 6 saves in 1-0 acquire
RB: Aleix Vidal (Barcelona) - 1 goal in 5-0 acquire
CB: Marcano (Porto) -- 1 goal 1 help out with 3-0 win
LWB: Marcos Alonso (Chelsea) -- 2 goals in 3-0 win
RM: Michail Antonio (Western Ham) - 3 helps in 3-0 win
CM: Hakim Ziyech (Ajax) - 2 goals in 3-1 gain
CM: Milan Badelj (Fiorentina) - 1 goal in 2-1 acquire
LM: Marko Arnautovi? (Stoke) - 2 goals in 3-1 earn
CAM: Ross Barkley (Everton) - 2 assists in 4-0 earn
ST: Abel Hernández (Hull) -- 2 goals in 3-1 get
ST: Harry Kane (Tottenham) : 3 goals in 4-0 earn

GK: Chris Maxwell (Preston) : 4 saves + charges save in 2-0 get
CB: Paul Huntington (Preston) : 1 goal in 2-0 acquire
RB: Callum Connolly (Wigan) -- 2 goals in 2-0 get
RM: James Coppinger (Doncaster Rovers) - 2 goals in 3-1 win
ST: James Vaughan (Hide) - 4 goals 1 aid in 5-1 win
ST: Conor Chaplin (Portsmouth) -- 2 goals (nevertheless missed 1 penalty) inside 2-1 win
ST: Tom Lawrence (Ipswich) -- 2 goals in 3-2 acquire

RM: Bernardo Silva (Monaco) - 2 goals in 4-1 gain
RW: Domenico Berardi (Sassuolo) : 2 assists in 4-1 earn
CAM: Mossoró (Basaksehir) : 2 assists in 5-0 acquire
ST: Alessandro Matri (Sassuolo) -- 2 goals in 4-1 earn
ST: Stevan Joveti? (Sevilla) : 1 goal (seeing that 68' minute sub) with 2-1 win

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Hey guys today we wanted to share with you something that has taken over the office and that is Old school Runescape Flipping. Flipping in Runescape is nothing new and it is a very good way for people to make money and that is cool, but what has come to our attention recently is that people have rs 2007 gold started making YouTube videos of competitive flipping! So no Old School Runescape gold here today, today we are just looking at the fun world or competitive flipping!

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OSRS Flipping

So how exactly is this fun? Who would watch this? Why would we watch this? No doubt these are all questions you are asking yourself, but we were first tuned onto this competitive flipping by a video by YouTuber Flipping Oldschool who challenged a buddy of his to see who could make the most money by flipping in an hour. Now this particular video is not a whole hour, it is more the highlights. But it is actually a lot of fun to watch. There are some videos of Oldschool Runescape flipping that do show the whole event and these are surprisingly engrossing as well.

Just when you think you have seen it all in Oldschool Runescape. You then learn about something weird, but very cool like this. Also at the end of the day while we were watching these videos for fun. We must say that watching people flip for so long did give us some great tips for how we can make some money and also some good ideas on what we can do with any osrs gold we get!

The Abyssal Whip

The Abyssal Whip is one of the PKer’s favourite weapons, utilizing its relatively high strength bonuses but more importantly, its high accuracy.The whip is a favoured weapon when you need consistent mid to high damage, amplified by the high attack speed it provides.


Boxing is a highly popular duelling method which brings the duel down to almost sheer luck, depending on comparative player stats. Every staking restriction is checked off and you both enter the match punching and kicking each other to death. This is very popular since it eliminates most variables in the duels and is relatively simple to pull off.Generally players will go for the “strength” attack with the kick to try and do the highest damage possible. When players reach low health, some like to switch to the “accurate” option to get in those small—but needed—hits.As a note, if you come across any moments when you notice your opponent is preparing to attempt to burst you, be it with an AGS, DDS or Dharocks’s set, make sure to pop “Vengeance,” a lunar spell that will reflect 75% of the enemy’s next attack.
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